Benjamin is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates work that is inspired by nature, and influenced by environmental and ecological issues.

Through the mediums of photography, collage, and scanography, his practice examines our ever-changing relationship with nature, and investigates the consequences of human activity upon our surroundings.

Landscapes increasingly bear the artefacts of culture and development, and the amount of nature that is free from discernible human influence has diminished. Benjamin’s practice explores and defines the traces within the fabric of the natural landscape of mans economic and political interaction, with the work invariably being encoded with the symbols of human intervention.

Integral to his work is experimentation and collation, and inspired by the principles of natural observational science, he employs digital surface scanning SCANDOM, and the direct placement of natural artefacts into the work as tools Thirteen, alongside more traditional photographic techniques such as in his Flightpath project.

On occasions he openly manipulates the photographic space using montage and collage, where he constructs and deconstructs found and collected materials, which are fragmented, lost, or unwanted. Benjamin’s graphic collage archive is entitled Stormcloud, and is inspired from the writings of John Ruskin, and the philosophy of the arts and craft movement of the early 19th century, where artists tended to oppose machine manufacture in favor of craft production.

His passion for recording and documenting the changing and altered environment transcends the very different media he employs. Whether he photographs a landscape, digitally scans an area, constructs a collage, or grows plants under glass, he is ultimately interested in how we continue to interact with, and impact our natural surroundings with technological, economic, and political developments.

Benjamin West Image